After four seasons shooting for the Scorchers, it just doesn't feel like summer until I'm standing in #TheFurnace.


Like many fans, my match day starts in the Fan Zone, which is always packed with energetic supporters and plenty of awesome activations.

I recently picked up a shiny new Sigma 14-24mm f/2.8 lens and I'm already in love. At its widest, it just captures so much of any scene, which led to some pretty sweet shots like this one.

At times, the fan zone can be a little tricky to shoot in with so many people around, and nasty shadows from the afternoon sun, but there isn't anything taking some time to compose each shot can't overcome.


Next up was on-ground sponsor activations, which provided a very welcome cool change from the astoundingly warm fan zone.

Sunday's match saw three lucky contestants jumping, diving and just generally exhausting themselves trying to catch some tennis balls being flung around by HBF.

It's during times like these I'm glad I carry two bodies with two different lenses, saving time from not having to run back and forth to swap gear depending on the subject of the photos.

These events are always fast-paced and very tricky to capture, but never fail to provide some very entertaining snaps.


As always, the Scorchers but on a brilliant show of lights, fireworks and fire as they lit up #TheFurnace both on and off the field.

If you ask anyone who has shot at Optus Stadium, they'll quickly tell you it definitely isn't a photographer's venue, but that doesn't mean it can't look pretty in photos.

Personally, I love using these huge flames to turn what would have otherwise been a boring crowd shot into something much, much more interesting.


Despite a rough start to the season there was plenty for fans to get excited about on Sunday, with the Scorchers making easy work of the visitors in front of an electric home crowd.

Even with only about half of the seats filled, there was no shortage of energetic fans who weren't afraid of showing how excited they were with the result, and luckily, most of them were in the perfect place to get photos of them!

Fan shots are always some of my favourites from each match - between the vibrant colours and the undeniable emotion in each frame, it's not difficult to see why.


It wasn't just the fans who were happy with the result though, the players were just as excited to share the win with their passionate supporters.

After a tough few months, Cameron Bancroft couldn't have been happier to have played such an important role in the team's victory, and certainly didn't hide how he was feeling.

As always, there were plenty of opportunities for selfies and signing after the match which, personally, is one of my favourite aspects of the entire Big Bash franchise (and not just because it makes for some great photos!).

So, after six hours of non-stop shooting and somewhere around 2,000 images captured, these are some of my favourite pics of the night.

Now, it's back to work, but don't forget to check Facebook and Instagram for some more snaps from the match, and let me know in the comments if you're interested in seeing more of these posts like this in the future!

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