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Adventure Travel Film Festival

The Adventure Travel Film Festival was looking to make a splash when they came to WA for the first time, and turned to Dockside Media for a helping hand. Delivering a range of services, including a mobile-focused website and social media training, we were able to help the festival establish a strong foundation well before the main event. Click here to read more about how we did it.

Basilica Website

St Patrick's Basilica

Undeniably one of Fremantle's most recognisable locations, St Patrick's Basilica was looking for some help modernising some parts of parish life. Working closely with the team at the Basilica, Dockside Media created a new website that makes it easier than ever to access crucial information, as well as finding ways to utilise screens that had been sitting dormant in the building's foyers. Click here to read more about our work with the Basilica.